This Is Not Goth

This blog is dedicated to all that is awful and wrongly tagged as "goth". It was inspired by the lovely blog This Is Not Grunge! Disclaimer:
This blog is for amusement, and is based entirely on my own opinions.
(This blog is no longer updated and is being kept up as an archive)

halcyonblitzkrieg asked: That's cool that you have so much time to police Tumblr. Though Mysterious Skin is not "goth", the goth "scene" I was involved in (when you were about 2 if you're 16 now), was made up largely of Gregg Araki fans, who, consequently, were ALL involved in one aspect of the goth subculture. Do not try to "school me", young one. HOWEVER, to end on a good note: it is nice to see that someone so young is listening to Siouxsie, SOM, and Bauhaus. If you'd like some more band suggestions, feel free to ask

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